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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Chapter Six

"Elsa, sweetie…" Marcus said, trying to be firm.  For years, he hadn't wanted to say anything.  He loved Elsa, even if she did also love Anna.  Despite the fact that she slept with Anna numerous times, he tried not to let it affect their relationship.  But after talking to his grandmother, he wasn't feeling too groovy about their relationship.

"Yes, Marcus? You've seemed upset for the past few days.  I've avoided using my psychic powers on you to avoid taking away your freedom, but it's worrying me."
"Well, I-I talked to my grandmother about your relationship with Anna, and i-it bothers me more than I care to admit." Marcus said nervously.  At this, Elsa laughed.  She had a light, ringing laughter that sounded like a crystal bell.

"Is that what was bothering you? Marcus…  I love you.  My loving Anna doesn't mean I love you any less.  But if that's what's standing between us, sleep with another girl.  I assume you aren't bisexual?"
"No!! I-I'm not bisexual!!" Marcus protested.  Elsa smirked and nodded.
"I thought not.  Well, feel free to sleep with Anna.  I'm sure I could set it up.  Maybe you'll feel what I feel when I sleep with her."

"W-what?" Marcus gasped.  "I can't sleep with her! I'd be cheating on you!"
"By that logic, I've been cheating on you for more than thirteen years.  What's the difference?"
"The difference is that you're sleeping with a girl! It-it's just different…"
"How? I get the same emotional and physical satisfaction from sleeping with her as I do from sleeping with you.  Wait…  Y-you know I was joking about the whips, rotors, two ways and whipped cream, right!?" Elsa asked, realizing now that she needed to clear this up.

"Y-you were? How do you make her…  You know, orgasm, then?" Marcus asked, feeling like the odd one out at the moment.
"Oh, I lick her clitoris, finger her…  Pretty much the same things you do, save for penetrating me.  We kiss, we fondle each other's breasts…  It's probably more the emotional satisfaction associated with physical intimacy than the physical satisfaction of physical intimacy…  I never really stopped to think about it, actually…" Elsa said lightly.  "I didn't intend to upset you when I said that about the whipped cream.  Go, sleep with Anna.  I'll tell her I approved of it.

"Anna…  I-I'm still not sure about this…  I-it somehow seems wrong." Marcus muttered nervously.  Anna simply waved him off, though with a snort of laughter.
"More wrong than me sleeping with my sister?" Anna asked.  She was totally down for this.  She was willing to do just about anything to protect Elsa's marriage with Marcus, including sleeping with Marcus.

On this thought, Anna kissed Marcus on the lips, holding him close, trying to bring as much intimacy into this as she could.  Elsa had said that Marcus needed to know how she felt when she slept with Anna, so Anna was going to show him.  She had initially told herself that she wouldn't let herself get attached to Marcus, but she felt sure now that would be hard to do when having an intimate moment with Marcus.

Marcus held Anna even closer to him, and kissed her, moving down her jawline, causing Anna to gasp and moan as he did, undoing her nightdress and gently caressing her breasts, slowly flicking her nipple with his tongue, Anna crying out in scarcely restrained pleasure as Marcus continued to move slowly downward, finally reaching her pussy, licking it, causing Anna to truly explode with ecstasy.  She had to admit that this was amazing.  It was different from sex with her sister, but just as wonderful.

Finally, Marcus began to kiss Anna again, laying his lips tenderly on her, sighing in pleasure along with her.

Finally, the both of them were completely naked, and Marcus was lying on top of Anna, ready to see things as Elsa did.  Anna sighed and told Marcus that she was ready.  Slowly, Marcus pushed his penis into her pussy, causing Anna to grit her teeth first.  Quickly, though, quicker than Anna expected, it turned into pleasure like nothing she had ever felt before.  She certainly felt amazing when she was sleeping with Elsa, but it was different.

Slowly, smoothly Marcus began to thrust in and out of Anna, grunting as he did.  He hadn't been aware at first that Anna was a virgin.  He was sure that she had slept with at least one man.  He had heard that she had a boyfriend, then a fiancé for a while, but she broke it off with him when she realized she loved Elsa.  She broke it off with that man, but Marcus was sure that Anna had slept with the man at least once.

As Marcus thrust into and out of Anna, Anna screamed in pleasure, barely able to contain her joy.  It was amazing, a blinding pleasure that overwhelmed her senses.  Finally, the both of them had an amazing orgasm that seemed to explode in bright colors, sounds and smells.  
After a moment of rest, the two had sex again, Marcus moving faster this time, thrusting harder and faster, having his second orgasm a bit sooner than last time.  There was something Anna wanted to try, though.  It was something she had never been able to do with Elsa for obvious reasons.

"D-do you…  Do you think you could…  Have anal sex with me?" Anna gasped.  Marcus hadn't even thought about that.  But he nodded, and slowly pushed into Anna's ass, causing her to shriek in pain at first.  But quickly, it turned to unimaginable ecstasy as Marcus began to move inside her.  Marcus moved slightly harder and faster, moving to a blur as he had sex with Anna, finally orgasming inside Anna one last time, and collapsing on the bed, and falling asleep with Anna.

Anna had gotten the physical satisfaction from having sex with a man…  But, it strangely wasn't quite the same as having sex with her sister.  It was nice, and she admitted to having gotten slightly guilty enjoyment out of the anal sex.  But Elsa just gave her such wonderful emotional fulfillment that nobody could really replace.

"Elsa…  I-I had sex with Marcus…  D-do you think that will help your relationship with him?" Anna asked uncertainly.  Elsa sighed.
"I can't say for sure.  But I certainly hope so.  Did you enjoy it?" Elsa asked in polite interest.
"Well…  Physically yes…  Emotionally, it felt a bit empty  The love just wasn't there."
"And hopefully, Marcus will fail to read between the lines and think that's all there is to our relationship.  Don't you get it, Anna? He's jealous…  He's concerned that my relationship with you means more to me than my relationship with him."

"What? But that's ridiculous! I'm fairly certain that our relationship means a lot to both of us.  But you married him."
"Yeah, but that's not going to convince him.  This hopefully did.  I-I'm sorry I made you do something like this."
"Oh, no problem.  I indulged a guilty pleasure of mine.  Anal sex was something I've wanted to try for a while."
"Well that's good, I guess."

"Elsa!! Elsa!! I-I…"
"Calm down.  Take deep breaths, Anna."
"Sorry, I-I'm pregnant.  I-I forgot to make Marcus wear a condom during sex with me.  I-I'm going to have kids…"
"Oh…  Well, not much we can do about that…  We'll just have to prepare for more kids.  We have plenty of money and space."

"Princess Anna…  You've got two girls and one boy, triplets.  Do you have names for them? Hey, I-I'm sorry again for getting you pregnant.  I-I should have worn a condom.
"Don't apologize.  I do have names.  The eldest girl will be Elisabeth, the boy will be Loki.  The youngest child, the girl will be Freya.  I hope that they live up to the family trait of having powers beyond human comprehension.    

 Five Years Later

Lisa nodded as she took out a pen and took down notes on her genetic engineering test subjects.
"Subject F-21, female, four years old, apparent age 14, 5'2", green eyes, white hair, is displaying severe Photophobia due to Albinism.  F-21's physical strength and endurance are extremely high, higher even than my own.  Her ability to psychically hypnotize subjects is extraordinarily powerful, as is the strange ability she seems to have to warp the flesh.  Researchers have begun to experiment with her ability to warp bones as well.  Currently, she is only capable of warping the bones of smaller animals.  However, we will move on to dogs tomorrow."

"Subject M-13, four years old, apparent age 16, 5'6", strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, is displaying symptoms of rejecting the Locust powers.  He is displaying symptoms of extreme immune response to the powers he possesses.  We are doing blood tests to determine what caused the immune rejection.  Perhaps it is the fact that only certain people can resist the immune response."

"Subject M-15, age four years, four months, apparent age 12, 4'11", left eye blue, right eye green, platinum blond hair, is becoming mentally unstable.  The immune rejection is causing mental instability rather than physical instability.  He is suffering from hallucinations and delusions of persecution by an unseen tormentor.  He describes his extremely lucid dreams as frightening and dark.  There are reptilian monsters in the dreams.  I suspect that these are recrudescent memories of his Locust progenitors.  Perhaps his mental instability is his inability to fully stave off the Locust Hivemind Effect.

"Fourth subject, subject F-1, known as Eve by many, age four years, apparent age 18, forest green eyes, jet black hair, 5'1", 102 pounds.  Eve is an anomaly in many ways.  She displays not only Elsa Fenix's powers, but also the powers of Auntie Anna, and my half-sisters, Elisabeth and Freya, who have molecular reorganization and invisibility respectively.  Despite her varied powers and her wide array of genetic donors, she has not yet rejected the samples."  

"Her powers are only growing, but she displays an incredible level of timidity and shyness.  She can barely speak without stuttering and she tends to prefer not to make her own decisions.  She is displaying many of the same symptoms as Freyja, the younger sister, who prefers to simply obey her elder sister's commands."

"Subjects Five, Six, Seven, and Eight.  I haven't given them names yet, save for PB-1, PB-2, PB-3, and PB-4.  The Locust DNA in them has made them much larger, perhaps two to three times the size of a typical beast of their breed.  My…  Brother has named the Sabertoothed Tiger Diego.  Diego is actually more compact but much stronger than a typical tiger.  Diego is approximately 0.7 times the size of a typical sabertoothed tiger.  His eyes are hazel-green, his fur is a dark orange/brown color, and his teeth are much sharper than the typical sabertoothed tiger, at a razor's point."  

"Diego is capable of human speech, and has shown a great propensity for sarcasm, and seems to be a fairly ill tempered specimen.  Like all the experimental Prehistoric Beasts, Diego is far more intelligent than a typical beast of its kind.  I suspect it to be the Locust DNA that I infused into them."  

"Subject Six, PB-2, is a mammoth whom my brother has decided to name Manny.  On a more… personal note, I feel the name for the Mammoth is more apt than the name he gave the Sabertooth Tiger.  Manny is much larger than the typical Mammoth, but also much stronger, and intelligent

"That being said, all human subjects other than the ones previously mentioned died due to complications.  I have written down the individual complications, but suffice to say, most died due to the body's immune response to the Locust DNA invoking a sort of severe allergic reaction.  Even the medicine that I provided for them was not able to save them.  I know that I am a scientist, and that scientists have to make sacrifices for their work.  But human lives are not acceptable.  Thus, in the future, I will screen the genetic donors for any chances of immune rejection.  In this test, 93.9521% of the subjects died.  In the next batch, I hope to make the subjects 5% more powerful and eliminate 25% of the deaths resultant from undesirable reactions.  I feel that 5% and 25% improvement is an ambitious goal, but one that I could reach were I to apply all my considerable knowledge of physics, genetics, and the metaphysical…  Uggh…" Lisa groaned as she heard a knock on the door.  It was the trademark knock of her triplet half-sisters, Lisabeth and Freya and her triplet half-brother, Loki.  

Loki looked very much like the dark god of lore, with long, shaggy black hair, dark circles under his eyes and shocking violet irises that seemed to glow.  Loki was the odd one out of the three triplets.  He looked nothing like either of the sisters or Marcus.  He had very fair skin, though he could be considered handsome in a wild sort of way.  He was tall and thin, and his arms were wildly out of proportion to his body, seeming to hang down like chimpanzee arms.  He had been shown to have an Ape Index of 2.013, though he could lengthen or shorten them at will.  This was partially thanks to Lisa's meddling with the genes of the triplets in the womb.

Anna had been slightly hesitant to allow Lisa to mess with her children while they were inside her, but they had turned out extremely well.  All three were remarkably intelligent, strong, powerful and talented, and though Loki tended to use his talents for mischief, over all, he was a good child.  

"Hey, Sis!!!" Came an impatient male voice from the doorway.
"Hello, Loki, Freyja, Elisabeth…  Is there anything with which I can assist you? Calm yourself, Eve, dear.  They mean you no harm, of that I can assure you."
"These are your half-siblings, right? They're adorable.  What are they, five?"
"Exactly five years old three days ago." Lisa said quietly, running a small battery of tests on Eve, including reflexes, blood tests, vision, hearing and a few other tests.

"Hmmmm…  If I were pressed to make an estimate, you would be Elisabeth.  You are smart, talented, and outgoing, if slightly aggressive, and have a protective relationship with your sister, Freyja, who probably is no more than an hour younger than you, but is shy and prefers to defer to your commands.  You enjoy this dominant-submissive relationship, but are worried that you may sometimes abuse her deferential personality without intending to.  You and your sister are very close, sharing a nearly empathic bond, such that you are always aware when the other is in trouble, and though Freyja is very shy, and easily frightened by others, she would not hesitate to fight to protect her beloved older sister.  Do I have that about right?"

"Hey!! I never gave you permission to read my mind, you fucking bitch!! Get the fuck outta my head and stay there, you filthy whore!!"

"Hm, and ill-tempered.  I didn't really read your mind, you foolish little girl.  If you had even the slightest comprehension of my powers, and by extension, yours, you would realize that the mind is not a book that can be opened, perused and closed at will.  It is a complex, multifaceted machine that must be decoded before it can be understood.  I trained with my powers of aura detection, psychic empathy, and psychic synesthesia for years in conjunction with mundane methods of understanding people in order to learn to understand the mind as I do."

"Loki, you, on the other hand are ill inclined to trust people, though you hesitate to admit that you would trust your sisters with your life.  You are likely able to count those you consider friends on one hand, or maybe two if pressed.  But among your friends, you hold your family in high esteem.  You use your powers and your often wild and mischievous personality to obfuscate the fact that you are uncomfortable around other people.  This explains your obfuscatory and deceptive powers.  Your ability to draw the darkness and shade around you in inventive ways explains your personality to a tee.  You think of yourself as a lone wolf, but more than anything, you want someone who understands you, not realizing that if you never open yourself to others and risk being hurt, you'll never be able to find anyone who understands you.  I wish you luck in finding that one special friend."

"That is why you brought them down here, right, doctor?" Eve asked firmly.  Lisa shook her head.
"No.  I didn't ask them down here.  They came down on their own.  What do you three want?" Lisa asked sternly, looking at the three triplets very seriously.  Freyja stepped forward, taking a moment to find her voice.

"I-I…  M-mommy said that you need to come up for d-d-dinner…  Th-they've brought a young man over that th-th-they'd like you to meet, B-Big Sister…" She muttered.  Lisa sighed, and looked around.
"Eve, can you take care of the other experiments? You know the drills I put them through.  Make sure to write down everything exactly as you understand it."
"Yes, Lisa…" Eve said, bowing politely.  Lisa sighed.  She had told Eve not to behave so deferentially toward her.  But she didn't listen.
Frozen Gears II Chapter Six
Sorry to Gump65 that this took so long.  I've...  Had a number of things I've been working on.  But here it is.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Chapter Five

"Yes, it seems like just yesterday that Haggis was still at home with me.  There was one day that he went out to prove his mettle to the entire village.  He wanted so badly to become the Village Champion, and was willing to go to almost any lengths to become the Champion.  So he hunted for days, following the last known Irish Elk in existence, a monstrous beast, almost fifteen feet high, weighing almost 1,000 pounds, and with antlers that could likely crush even the sturdiest of animals.  He hunted it down with nothing more than his bow and arrow, a bowie knife, and some provisions."

"Following the beast for a week before he struck, he took note of all of its abilities, watching it fight and defeat several animals, letting it become wounded before he struck, and taking notes in his journal.  It was by far the largest prey Haggis had ever hunted, or would ever hunt.  But he relished the challenge, though that would be Haggis's undoing in the future.  When he struck, he shot it in the leg with an arrow first, making it lame before he injured the other front leg so that it couldn't escape, and then he stabbed it in its femoral artery so that it would bleed severely, and severed its vocal chords so that it couldn't make its call before delivering the final blow with the Bowie knife to the lung, deflating it and then to its heart so that it wouldn't suffer any longer."

"Wow, Great Grandma…  But you left out the part where he carried all 1,000 pounds of the beast back to the village with his bare hands!!" Mike said sarcastically, earning a reproachful glare from Elsa and Marcus.
"What? I'm just saying it's a bit far-fetched." Mike said, excusing himself from the table and going down to the training room to practice.  Lisa followed him down, and walked up behind him.

"Sorry I controlled you like that.  I was just trying to give a demonstration.  Would you like to learn how to use Hemokinesis?"
"Hell yeah I would!!" Mike shouted.
"You just have to promise me one thing if I teach you this skill."

"What's that?" Mike asked in genuine interest.
"You have to promise never to use it unless you really need to.  I never want to see Mommy and Daddy that upset again…  Oh, and one more thing…  C-come to my room later, say…  Around 2100h?"
"S-sure…  W-what time is it now?"

"About 1900h.  Now, come, take your fighting stance.  The stance to use Hemokinesis is a defensive stance.  It doesn't ultimately have to be, as I proved earlier, but it's a good starting point.  Take a defensive stance." Lisa commanded.  Mike obeyed quickly.  Lisa nodded approvingly.

"Good, now, breathe in and picture the blood flowing through my body.  Picture the heart beating, align your breathing with my own heartbeat, hear my heart and imagine how powerful it is, pumping blood constantly through my system.  Can you hear my blood? Smell it? See it? Can you almost taste the salty, metallic tang on your tongue? Running down your throat? That was the hardest part for me.  Blood sickens me generally.  At one point, I would become physically ill whenever I tried to imagine such a thing.  I got over it, though, and started thinking in scientific terms about controlling blood.  It is no worse, really than putting a pacemaker in a person to keep their heart beating.  It is always how you use the power that makes it good or evil."

Lisa, looking over Mike, regarding his stance, regarding his concentration.
"You can feel my blood, almost as if it were your own?"
"Yes, Lisa." Mike said determinedly, and he looked at Lisa's arm, waving his hand in a light arc.  Lisa felt a light tug and her arm twitched, but didn't do much else.  Lisa was duly impressed, thogh

"That's pretty good for your first time, Mike.  It took me much longer to even figure out how to control rats.  Now, keep trying.  This time, we're going to put you into a combat situation.  You seem to learn best when you are in combat.  Defend yourself!" Lisa shouted, seeming to disappear in a flicker, and reappear behind Mike, who turned around and blocked dutifully, wondering how Lisa managed to do that.  Was it teleportation? Or did she just create the illusion that she had teleported?

"I did neither.  I used ambient electricity in my body, of which I already possess more than enough, and made my step longer and faster.  In other words, I walked just like you, but faster than the eye could follow.  You could do it, too, as could Mommy, Daddy or Auntie Anna.  I can't create electricity outside my body like Auntie Anna can.  But I can speed my step, though only for very short distances.  I'm not talented enough yet to cover long distances."

"I see." Mike said, trying to control her body with his Hemokinesis, but only managing to misdirect her slightly.  Lisa approved, though, and allowed him to misdirect her, punching slightly to the left, but re-aiming quickly and getting Mike in the chest as he reset.  Lisa punched Mike harder perhaps than she had meant to, as she cracked his sternum, and sent him flying.  

Mike used the same static jump, though that Lisa managed, and pushed off the wall harder than he usually could and used Lisa's moment of shock to take control of her entire body as he landed on his feet.  He hadn't meant to take control of her whole body, only the arm that was being used to punch.  However, he had her in his grip, and he forced her to her knees.

"This battle is my victory." Mike said proudly.  Did I manage as well as you expected, Lisa?" Mike asked tentatively, undoing his control.  Lisa took a deep breath and stood, slapping Mike hard across the face and glaring at him furiously, quite red now in the face.

"Don't you ever take control of me like that again!!" Lisa shrieked.  Then, her expression softened upon seeing how hurt and frightened Mike looked.
"I-I'm sorry, Lisa!! I-it was…  It was…  An accident!! I-I didn't mean to hurt you!!" Mike pleaded.  Lisa sighed and gently brushed the cheek she had just slapped.

"I'm sorry, too, Mike.  I shouldn't have gotten angry.  It's hard to control Hemokinesis even when you are practiced in it.  When you're in the middle of a fight, and not especially experienced, it can be almost impossible.  I used Hemokinesis to make Stein experience muscle fatigue so that he would stop hitting me fairly often.  I had to resist the urge to tear his muscles apart.  I love you, Mike.  I could never stay mad at you."

"Thank you.  And thank you for teaching me Hemokinesis and that electrical jump thing."
"But, I didn't teach you the static jump.  You figured that out on your own.  I'm very impressed.  It took me months of training and experimenting in its use before I could even flicker.  Your combat prowess is greater than mine.  Between us, we can probably turn you into a fighter that would strike fear into the heart of Chuck Norris."  

"Try to use your static electricity even while you aren't fighting to tone your muscles.  Send it coursing through your muscles.  It forces them to work harder and makes them stronger.  I'm not sure if Mommy and Daddy or Auntie Anna could manage what we've managed.  But you should be proud.  That will be all for tonight.  Don't forget to keep meditating.  It's important to keep control of your powers."

Mike went toward Lisa's room, and stood outside, taking a deep breath, and knocking.  He almost immediately received a telepathic response to enter.  Upon walking in, the lights were low, and Lisa was sitting on her bed, looking at her clock.
"You're late.  You're almost twenty minutes late." Lisa said critically.  Then she smiled and giggled at the lost look on Mike's face.

"Well, I wanted to be fashionably late…  And this is a big house.  I was practicing my Hemokinesis moves, and my static jump."
"I'm impressed.  You seem to be taking this very seriously." Lisa said with a light smile.
"One of… Two things I plan to take seriously tonight." Mike said, gently cupping Lisa's cheek and kissing her soft, smooth and cool lips.

"Mm…  I'm flattered you think so well of me.  Not sure I'm ready to go as far as you seem ready to go tonight.  I'm only thirteen, after all.  I need to preserve my virtue…  Well, better than Mommy did, from what I gather.  Apparently she lost her virginity in a threesome between her, her sister and Daddy"

"I'm pretty sure there were mitigating circumstances.  Mom was pumped up on aphrodisiacs cuz some douchebag named Hans wanted to rape her."
"Oh my God! How horrible! How could you even say something like that!"
"I'm just relaying what Dad told me.  Don't blow a gasket.  Just kiss me again."

"You're…  Suspiciously good at this.  You've done this before?"
"I've done this a few times, babe.  I'm pretty good, right?"
"Y-yes…  J-just let me catch my breath!" Lisa gasped, panting for breath.  She had promised herself she wouldn't go all the way tonight, but she was feeling a bit tingly down below.  It was unfair for Mike to be so good at this.  

Mike kissed her gently again, holding her close to him, closing his eyes and moving his tongue expertly past her lips.  She followed suit.  She had only kissed a boy once, and she didn't find it to be the experience she had hoped it would be.  With Stein, he was overly dominating and even rough, often gripping her too tightly and giving her large bruises when he kissed her.

Mike, though was gentle, but strong, giving her the feeling of safety and security she had been looking for in a boyfriend.  Most boys were intimidated by her astute and serious demeanor, and her tendency to lapse into long scientific explanations of theoretical physics equations when she was nervous or intimidated by a situation.  She was trying to learn to hold her tongue, or meet a boy who held the same interests as she did.  

At least in Mike, she had met a boy who could sit and listen and at least begin to have an inkling of if not respond to her long physics lectures.  She would try to teach him physics.  She even had an idea for an experiment in genetic engineering that would revolutionize science as the world knew it.  She had done extensive research into genetic engineering.  

All that was technically required was DNA from two donors, a male and a female that would allow for the creation of a human, or demihuman, depending on how much genetic modification was being done.  In Lisa's case, she intended to take DNA from herself, her brother, and hopefully from Anna, Marcus and Elsa and create perfect 'evolved' humans.  She knew that at the base, her idea was not terribly different from the COG's idea.  

However, she had no intention of abusing the power that she could potentially gain from such experiments.  She had also done research into occult genetics, in other words, the genetics involved in humans with powers.  She was excited about this project, and she felt that it had a great deal of potential, especially if they created an army or a royal guard out of the humans with powers.

"Mike…  Mike, hold on.  I've been thinking.  The Coalition of Ordered Governments wants to do a good thing for bad reasons.  It is said that science in itself is neither good nor evil.  It is how you put it to use that defines its goodness or evil.  Take Mengele.  Josef Mengele was a brilliant anthropologist with a dream of creating a perfect human race."  

"In itself that could be very noble.  Breed out bad genes, such as genes that make a person susceptible to disease, mental illness, etc, and breed in good genes for strength, intelligence, and other desirable traits.  However, Mengele took this to the extreme, and tried to wipe out Jews, Gypsies, invalids, the mentally ill, and everyone Hitler didn't think was pure.  He made bad use of eugenics.  But in itself, it is a noble and beneficial project."

"What's your point, Lisa? Well, except to prove that you know so much that it's almost unattractive in a woman."
"Hey! My point is to say that my purpose in creating perfect humans would be for more noble reasons than the COG's reasons.  I'd like your help in requisitioning Mommy's, Daddy's, and Auntie Anna's help in doing this project."

"We're not just going to use members of our own family, are we? If we do that, the chances of inbreeding in future generations is almost assured." Mike said distraughtly.
"We already have at least one generation of inbreeding between Aunt Anna and Mom.  They can't have babies, but the fact that they're attracted to each other, and the fact that you and I are attracted to each other indicates reasonably well that incest is, or has become a trait in this family.  Mom's tendency toward incest is weak enough that she is still attracted to Dad.  But I don't know about Aunt Anna, who seems to have eyes only for her sister."

"You make a good point.  But no, I intend to employ numerous people in my experiments, both male and female, searching for traits such as intelligence, cunning, strength, endurance and a natural tendency for both athletics and academics.  As such, I should take DNA from soldiers, leaders in various academic fields.  I can then mix some of them together and make perfect soldiers."

"But why? It doesn't seem like something you'd be too keen on…  Especially since you seem such a good and honest person."
"Like I said…" Lisa replied, pushing her glasses up her nose with her pinky.  "Science is neither good nor evil.  If I use it for good reasons, it is good.  If not, it's evil."

"I-I understand.  I'll donate DNA to your project, and I'm training a number of elite soldiers in the Royal Guard.  They're the finest soldiers Arendelle has to offer.  There are eight men and five women thus far, and there are two more men and one more woman about to take the test to get in.  Among them, I think I'll find the people you need."

"They seem like the elite of the military.  Just get DNA from all of them." Lisa said cheerfully.  Mike nodded.
"What should I get from them?"

"Get blood, hair, and stem cells if you can.  Don't worry.  Stem cells can be found in just about anything on the body.  Just demand urine samples from everyone.  Say it's a surprise drug screening.  Strictly speaking, it's true.  I will be testing for drugs.  The drugs just aren't the main purpose."
"Smart." Mike said, kissing Lisa again, and going into another make-out session.

About three hours later, they stopped making out, and Mike went back to his own room, and quietly went to bed.  He was fairly tired.  He didn't need much sleep.  One of the benefits of being superhuman was that he didn't need a great deal of sleep.  He needed maybe five hours of sleep a night, and he got up early to do his morning workout.  He worked out maybe twice a day if he could.  He was already the top of his class in gym.  

He could play just about any sport, and any position.  He'd played quarterback, runningback, offensive guard, center, offensive tackle, pretty much any American Football position.  He preferred Rugby, though.  It was a pretty rough sport, and people definitely got hurt, but he never took any significant injuries that didn't heal almost immediately.

Lisa was better at soccer.  She wasn't as strong as Mike was, but she was fast, and small, and was able to move with great dexterity and alacrity, and she liked the less violent nature of Soccer.  She had even tried out for her school's soccer team, and made it on with flying colors.  There were already professional recruiters trying to get her to join a pro team.  But she turned all offers down.  It had become a race to see who could offer her something that she would want.

Already, though, Lisa had everything she wanted.  She had a loving family, a laboratory in the basement under the palace, a full scholarship to college and graduate school (though she needed no scholarship), and good friends who she was beginning to find weren't as dimwitted and ignorant as she previously thought.

"Kids! Come on!" Marcus said, a week later, as Mike and Lisa packed their bags.  They could both tell that Marcus and Elsa were still on tense terms given their disagreement about what to do about their response to the COG.  Marcus knew it wasn't right to subject their kids to such experiments as the COG would likely try.  However, Marcus would have been glad to subject himself to it.  Unfortunately, he was fairly sure that they would take a greater interest in a person who was First Generation naturally powerful rather than someone who gained the power by taking mutagenic liquid.  

After all, they already had plenty of experience with the Locusts, whom they dissected and learned all about their alien physiology.  But as for Carriers of the Locust Gene who hadn't succumbed to the hivemind effect, they had no experience with people like that.  So though Elsa and Marcus would be interesting to study, the kids would be a true marvel of science to research.  Elsa couldn't allow that, and Marcus was having a hard time saying no to his government, whom he'd served for so long it just seemed like second nature to him.

"Come on, Marcus.  We have to get going.  We won't catch the plane otherwise back to Norway, as you call it."
"A-as I call it? That's what your country is called! You may live in Arendelle, but in my world, that's just a town in Norway."
"Arendelle is far more than a town.  It's a kingdom! Just get in the car…" Elsa said distraughtly.

"Honey, can't we discuss this?" Marcus asked helplessly.  Elsa sighed and shook her head.
"There's nothing to discuss.  We are not signing up our children to be science experiments for some crackpot who wants to make supersoldiers.  It's not going to happen."

"No, no, not that.  I actually agree with you on that one.  I'll send them a friendly letter explaining that we won't put our children through that.  They'll be angry.  But it's ultimately for the best.  What can they really do? We're a family of superhumans.  They could send their entire army against us and not beat us."

Elsa wasn't quite as optimistic as Marcus, but she smiled and nodded.  She didn't want to be the bearer of bad news.
The family simply packed up their stuff and bade Agnes farewell, and went to the car, driving away.  Marcus was still slightly disturbed by the fact that Elsa still had feelings for Anna, though.  It wasn't overly disturbing, really, or it shouldn't have been.  But he felt uncomfortable about it.  Was Elsa going to decide that she preferred Anna to him, and leave him.
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Chapter Four

"Great-Grandma!! It's nice to finally meet you…  Your home is so cold." Lisa said, shivering slightly.  Elsa on the other hand was quite comfortable, as was Marcus, who had not only gained Locust powers, but also cryokinetic powers.  He had tested them out before they left.  They weren't nearly as complete as Elsa's.  Elsa had Cryogenesis powers, or rather, she could make living ice.  Marcus, on the other hand could only create regular ice.  He could make snowmen, but he couldn't bring them to life.  His power hadn't half the power of Elsa's.

"It's lovely to finally meet my great-grandchildren.  I was afraid I'd never get to see them.  My Haggis died long ago, perhaps 100 years ago.  It's a long story, but I can see that you of all people would understand and believe me.  I've had to move multiple times in my 200 year life, given my extraordinary and troublesome powers.  But now that it's modern day, and people with powers aren't segregated as they once were, I've settled down in Ireland.  It's such a lovely country."

"You look so young for 200 years old.  You don't look any older than forty…"
"Oh, my…  Your daughter is so sweet!" The great-grandmother giggled.  "My name is Agnes, and you must be Lisa and Mike.  And you must be Elsa…  Marcus told me so much about you…  You're as gorgeous as he said you were, and you don't look a day over 21…  Did you use the same trick that I did?" Agnes asked.  Elsa shrugged.

"I'm not sure.  What trick did you use?" Elsa asked quietly and curiously.
"My, what a charming young lady.  I turned my DNA into elemental ice once I gained the ability to create Absolute Zero temperatures.  Arguably, I'm not even really human anymore.  I'm not any stronger, faster or more durable than a human.  But I am essentially undying."

"I must have done that, then.  Anna must have turned her DNA into elemental lightning, or maybe fire."
"Yes, I am aware that you and your sister are bisexual.  It must make for interesting nights, given your chill, and her heat."

"I suppose it does.  Marcus, I wasn't aware that your grandmother had cryokinetic powers.  Did you know?"
"I can't say I did.  I hardly know anything about her."  Marcus said uncertainly.  Agnes smiled and looked at Marcus.
"I can see that you imbibed the genetic code of that which you hate more than anything, and have managed to subdue it.  I'm impressed.  You did all that just to be with Elsa? How long have you been a Locust Hybrid?"

"About…  Seven hours.  I look much older than Elsa, so I think it's pretty obvious that I haven't been a hybrid for long."
"Well, nonetheless, I have a training room downstairs, we can go down there if you like.  I assume Elsa won't want to? I can imagine that as the queen, she hasn't fought a day in her life.  I was the Queen of Scotland before the Brits took it over.  But I needed to learn to fight in order to preserve myself.  

"Are you ready, Queen Elsa?" Agnes asked politely.  Elsa nodded.
"Please just call me Elsa.  You aren't my subject.  You're my grandmother-in-law.  You don't need to be so formal.  Actually, you're a better grandmother than most of my biological grandparents.  They all despised the fact that I had cryogenetic powers."

"Cryogenetic? You mean Cryokinetic? Cryokinesis is the ability to move and create ice.  Cryogenesis would imply that you could make living ice."
"Yes.  I can.  I only learned that I could about thirteen or fourteen years ago.  I accidentally froze all of Arendelle when Anna announced that she was getting engaged to a man she just met.  Kids, you should hear this story as well.  I refused to grant my blessing to the marriage, and she got mad, and we had a fight.  She took the glove off my hand that was nominally controlling my powers at the moment, and I accidentally released the powers."

"I got scared, and ran, and as I was running, I froze my entire kingdom, and unknowingly created Olaf, the snowman that Anna and I had built as children, and he came to life.  But Anna came back and found me and tried to convince me to return to Arendelle, bringing to my attention that I had frozen the entire kingdom.  I was terrified, and created a snow monster to chase them out, but not before I accidentally froze her heart.  That almost killed her.  The snow monster chased them away."

"And threw us off the damn mountain!! If there wasn't so much snow beneath us, we would have died!!"
"I'm sorry, Anna.  But that was almost 15 years ago.  I think we can let it go, now.  Can't we?" Elsa asked, kissing Anna tenderly on the lips.

"Are you certain you can let your wife get away with sleeping with your sister-in-law?" Agnes asked, feeling concerned.  Marcus nodded.
"I don't know for sure what they get up to in there, and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know.  I asked once how it worked, and got an answer that made me not really care anymore.  She still loves me, so I'm not overly concerned."

"How did she answer you?" Agnes asked with a grim smirk.
"She said that it wasn't a problem as long as they had whips, a rotor, a two way and some whipped cream.  I never plan to ask again."

"Ahaha!! That wife of yours has quite the sharp tongue! Wait! What's that!?" Agnes asked, hearing a banging outside.  Elsa suddenly came into the room.
"Marcus!! There are soldiers at the door!! They look just like you did back when we first met!" Elsa protested.  Marcus sighed.  He was pretty sure that nothing was wrong.  But he couldn't have his former comrades interfering with his family's meeting with their great grandmother.  

"I'll deal with them.  I sort of wonder why they would follow us all the way to Ireland.  I'll be right back." Marcus said, walking to the door and answering it politely.
"Lieutenant Preston, Sergeant Bernadette, Dominic, Tai…  It's…  Great to see you.  But I really must ask why you're here.  I'm trying to have my children meet my grandmother."

"We don't have any interest in interfering in your weekend with your family.  We merely wish to give you this, Marcus.  On a more personal note, we met your wife thirteen years ago.  She's truly lovely."
"Thank you, Lieutenant Preston.  I must ask you to leave, though for the time.  I'd be glad to catch up with you later."
"Of course, Sergeant Fenix.  We will see you again."  Preston said politely, turning around and walking off, the rest of the group following her dutifully.  

Marcus looked at the letter.  It had the COG emblem embossed on it, and looked very official.  He opened it with the ease of one used to opening such letters.
"Hmm…  It's from Chief of Defense Victor Hoffman? How unusual for him to write a letter himself.  But it is clearly in his handwriting.  Wait, he hand wrote this letter?"

"What's wrong, Marcus?"
"Daddy? What happened?"
"Dad? What the hell is going on!?" Mike demanded, storming in to the foyer.

"The Commander in Chielf, and Chief of Defense, Victor Hoffman personally sent me a letter.  I haven't read it yet.  Do you think I should?"
"I think it's safe to assume that it won't explode." Elsa rebutted.  Marcus nodded, and looked at what it said.

To Sergeant Marcus Fenix,
We of the Coalition of Ordered Governments would like to thank you for your years of dedicated service.  We are however on the precipice of a second war against the Union of Independent Republics, and would like to enlist your help once more, not as a soldier this time, but as a donator.  You have done your duty, sacrificed a great deal and offered your loyalty time and again, and we can ask little more from you.  However, we understand that your wife, sister-in-law and children all possess powers far exceeding that of any human.  We would be deeply honored if you would permit us to take samples of their blood, and other genetic material that we could make an army of supersoldiers that we could use to help regain the peace that we worked hard for over the years, but are now on the precipice of losing.

However, we believe that with the help of you and your family, we could gain the upper hand in the upcoming war against the Union of Independent Republics.  We thank you once again for your service, and ask that you oblige us once more.  Show your patriotism once more by serving your country one more time.  

Yours in service,

Chief of Defense, Victor Hoffman

Elsa looked at Marcus, who looked extremely uncomfortable, as if he was conflicted about something that he couldn't get over.  He looked almost as if he was about to cry.
"What's wrong, Marcus? You're not really thinking about…" Elsa began with a light laugh that seemed almost mocking to Marcus.

"Y-you don't understand! I gave up so much of my life for the Coalition of Ordered Governments!! It meant everything to me! I fought the Union of Independent Republics! I fought the Locusts…  Twice!! It's not so easy just to turn my back on them!!"
"Why are you yelling at me? I don't care about your previous loyalties.  Your loyalty is to me, and to your family, now…  I won't have them turned into lab rats just to make supersoldiers."

"You still don't understand! There's no way I can refuse my country my service!"
"Then I suppose it's up to me to do what you refuse to do.  I refuse to allow the children to become test subjects to a greedy government! World peace my ass!! They just want the power to enforce their will on others.  Your daughter is brilliant and is about to go to graduate school when she's thirteen.  Your son is one of the strongest young men I've ever known.  Neither of them is going to become a lab rat in some bizarre and inhumane experiment!!"

"I agree with Elsa, Marcus.  The COGs can't just use patriotism as a backdoor to force you to cooperate in subjecting your own children to inhumane experiments that could leave them crippled or dead.  And do you think they'll stop with your kids? They'll find out that not only are Elsa and the children superhuman, but also you and Elsa's sweet sister/lover are also superhuman and have bizarre powers that could make them useful as soldiers."

"I know, grandma…  My loyalty should be to my family first, but…"
"But you've been loyal to your country for so long that it's hard not to pick up arms for them when they call you just by rote…  I understand that feeling.  I would have gladly gone into battle alongside Haggis.  But he told me to stay at home where it was safe.  I worried about him every day."

"I dunno, pops…  I could use some more superhumans to fight against.  Fighting against the same people day in and day out gets pretty boring…" Mike said dismissively, not only to Marcus, but also to Elsa, who seemed shocked and appalled at his attitude.

"Oh, you're so… Puerile, Mike…  It's part of why I love you, but it frustrates me terribly…  You think those supersoldiers would simply be sparring partners for you to fight with? They wouldn't.  They would be soldiers used by the Coalition of Ordered Governments to impose their definition of 'peace' on the world.  First, they would crush the Union of Independent Republics.  That would be their main, or at least their official goal.  Their ostensible, and real goal, though would be to dominate without appearing to be the villain."

"That strategy would work in most cases.  They would crush the Union of Independent Republics with their supersoldiers, and most countries that were not already members of the Coalition of Ordered Governments would scramble to join.  But if I know psychology, sociology and anthropology as I think I do, there would remain countries that aren't convinced of the Coalition's good intentions, and they would refuse to join.  As such, the Coalition would wage a war against those dissenters…  First a war of attrition, they would cut them off financially and economically.  But then as the countries became more vocal in their disapproval, shots would be fired, and there could be no happy ending in this.  The Coalition would become just another tyrannical government that oppresses its people!"

"Geez…  Sorry…  I'm not sure I'd like being experimented on, anyhow.  They can keep their needles away from me.  I'll fucking kill them if they even try to touch any of us!" Mike growled.  Lisa smirked at this thought, and waved her hand.

"Mommy…  Have you ever considered that your power may be capable of controlling more than just ice? Ice is the easiest to control because ice is well ordered in the sense that the lower the temperature, the stiller the molecules inside.  That is the reason that ice is solid and water is liquid, and why steam is gaseous.  The fact that the hotter an element becomes, the more chaotic the molecules inside become is why there are three main states in any element.  Take for example, this ice.  It's ice right now, in its solid state.  However, Auntie Anna, if you would use your pyrokinetic powers?"

"Of course…" Anna said cheerfully, using her pyrokinesis to make heat without making actual fire.  This heated the ice, turning it into water.
"Now witness as the molecules in the ice become less ordered due to heat.  It now melts into liquid water, and soon it boils and turns into gas.  Auntie Anna? Turn up your heat, say to the temperature of a typical star in a localized area.  Now, as you increase the temperature, my body remains safe because of my cryokinetic powers protecting it, but the steam begins to turn into plasma, an even less ordered state than gas."

"This is all fascinating, if slightly confusing, Lisa, sweetie, but what's the point behind this?" Elsa asked, feeling a slight headache coming on.
"Ah, the point.  You're right.  I got slightly off topic.  Water is present in all living things.  And especially in the blood is water present.  Now, Mommy possesses mind control abilities that she typically only uses for autohypnotic purposes.  However, you can control a person by using Hemokinesis as well.  This does not control the mind, but rather the body.  The mind remains the person's own, and used subtly enough, it can hardly be noticed save for a slight twinge if even that.  Watch…" Lisa said cheerfully, using her Hemokinesis to control Mike's arm.  Mike gasped as he raised his arm involuntarily over his head, and began to wave it.

In the next moment, Mike began dancing the Fandango by himself, as if he had a partner, though it was obvious to all that he didn't.
"Used subtly enough, I can even control the mouth and vocal cords." Lisa elaborated, wiggling her fingers.
"I'm just a poor boy, nobody loves me."
Then Lisa commanded the vocal cords of everyone in the room.
"He's just a poor boy from a poor family,
Spare him his life from this monstrosity."

"Do you see? Your cryokinetic ability's Mommy are powerful, but they aren't terribly subtle, or effective if the person is aware of them.  Hemokinesis can be resisted by one who is physically strong enough, but rare is the person who can completely throw it off."

"Lisa…  I'm impressed, if slightly frightened at this power that you possess…  But I would request, nay, demand that you not use it save in the direst of circumstances.  Little good can come of controlling another person, in body or mind.  Do you understand, Lisa?"
"Yes, Mommy.  I understand.  I didn't exactly plan on using it habitually.  It was merely a demonstration of the potential of your powers.  In fact, you could even cause someone to exsanguinate by bursting their blood vessels and removing all the blood from their body.  That would allow you to make monsters out of blood."

"And what says final boss fight like monstrous minions made from blood!?" Mike finished with a wide smirk.  Elsa sighed.  Here were two very strong spirited children that had a lot to learn about controlling their powers.

"I think it's time we sat down for dinner.  I can tell you the story of the time my Haggis hunted the Irish Elk to extinction.  It was only one elk he killed, but because of how large it was, he was revered as almost superhuman in his town."
Frozen Gears II Chapter Four
Marcus, Elsa, Anna, Mike and Lisa visit Mike's grandmother, Agnes in Ireland, and are awakened to a sobering fact, that Elsa wasn't the only person in the world with Cryokinetic powers
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(Contains: sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Chapter Three

"Ow! Leave me alone, damnit!!" Lisa yelled at her boyfriend.  He was a boy who was her age, but still in 8th grade, while she was about to graduate from college.  She wasn't sure why she was dating him.  He was violent, hotheaded and convinced thoroughly and erroneously that might made right.

"Stein! Ow!! Stop! Let go of me!!"
"Shut up, damnit!!" Stein yelled, punching Lisa in the face and breaking her glasses and her nose along with it, a spurt of blood shooting from the broken nose.  He pushed her on the ground, but before he could attack her again, he gasped in pain as a lead rod connected with the back of his head and he crashed to the ground.  

As he looked up at who had dared to attack him, he saw Lisa's brother, Mike, standing over him, staring at him with a dead and extremely vicious expression on his face.
"Hello, Lisa.  I apologize for my late arrival and violent methods.  I knew you wouldn't react with the necessary force, being such a pacifist, so I decided to react in your stead.  Stein, was it?" Mike asked,

Stein growled at Mike, but only got his balls stomped on by Mike, who seemed to take great satisfaction in harming the violent young man.
"Are you alright, Lisa? He didn't harm you too extensively?"

"L-let him go!! You're going to kill him!!" Lisa protested.  Mike merely grinned, though.
"I know how to hurt him without killing him.  You should know that, sis.  Now, Stein.  I want you to apologize to Lisa, then leave and never even look at her again.  I am aware that I can't change your abusive proclivities.  However, I can still protect those that matter the most to me."

"Screw you, trash!!" Stein spat furiously, standing and punching at Mike, only to have his fist grabbed and his arm broken at the elbow by a quick and decisive strike to the back of the arm.  Mike then tripped Stein, took out a knife and held it over the terrified young man's face.

"Now, if you don't want me to turn you into a Soprano, you will leave this place, and never lay your filthy eyes on Lisa again.  You will also never approach her, speak to her, send her letters, or make any form of contact, verbal, visual, or physical ever again.  If you do, I will find out, and I will cut off your balls and dick and nail them to your forehead.  You'll be even more of a dickhead than you already are.  Do we understand each other?" Mike asked dangerously, lifting the tall and muscular young man with his left hand, and threw him across the room into the wall.

"Get out! My mother won't be nearly so forgiving as I have been."
"Y-y-yes, sir!" Stein yelled, horrified at the young man's monstrous strength.

"Why did you even start dating such a psychopath?" Mike asked, taking out some hand sanitizer and cleaning his hands down with it.  "Yeesh! I feel like I need a shower after touching him!"

"I-I was taken by his confidence.  I-I haven't ever been a confident person, but he was confident enough for both of us, and he was so nice to me at first.  I-I just hoped that he would come around and be that same sweet person again…  Th-th-thank you for helping me like that, Mike.  I-I have to confess, I never expected you to keep your promise like you have.  Thank you." Lisa said quietly, taking a second pair of glasses, and pushing her glasses up onto her nose properly with her pinky as she always did.  

Mike had to admit that she looked stunning with her icy blue eyes, nearly white hair, fair skin and her wire rimmed glasses that always seemed to need to be pushed up.  Whether it was because her nose was slimmer than her glasses could fit, or because she was always shaking her head at the ignorance and stupidity of the world around her.  She usually said nothing, but she was always astounded at how foolish people were.  

Though she knew that it wasn't fair to judge people on the same scale that she judged herself.  However, she always wished that she could find someone who was as brilliant as herself.

"I helped you because I love you, and I don't like seeing you get hurt by anyone, especially someone who's supposed to protect you.  I-I guess I see myself in that man, a little too much for comfort."
"I love you too, Mike.  You're my brother.  I'll always love you."

"No.  Y-you misunderstand, Lisa.  I love you…" Mike said, kissing Lisa on the lips, not bothering to hesitate, or wait for Lisa's response.
"O-oh…  That's what you meant.  I-I-I'm flattered, really…  Y-you're a very good person, but…"

"But you don't feel the same way.  I understand.  I didn't actually expect you to return my feelings."
"N-no…  I-I like you, Mike…  But I don't feel it's appropriate for us to be in a relationship."
"Oh, Mom and Aunt Anna are in a relationship…  They're sisters, and they're both women, and Mom is married on top of it."

"That's true.  Mommy is married.  But from what I understand, Daddy approved her relationship with Auntie Anna.  B-but I'm still not certain.  I really am flattered that you think so well of me.  But I'm worried that people won't approve of us."

"People don't necessarily approve of Mom and Aunt Anna.  They're not only dykes, they're also sisters."
"Mike!! How can you say something so rude!? Mommy and Auntie Anna are good people! Just because they're in love with each other doesn't diminish how good they are.  And given how long they were separated due to Mommy's inability to control her powers, it makes sense that they might have a more than just sisters relationship.  Have you even talked to Mommy about your feelings for me?"

"Yes.  I talked to Mom and Aunt Anna.  They both said it was alright, as long as I didn't, in their own words, knock you up.  You've got to go to graduate school and get a degree.  There's no need, really.  You're the Queen Regent.  You don't need to do anything."
"I don't want to just be the Queen.  I want to make something of my life, and be a productive member of society! I couldn't stand just sitting at home!"

"I understand.  I'll miss you when you go away to college." Mike said, feeling slightly hurt at the moment.
"I'll miss you too.  I love you, Mike, but I can't give up going to graduate school just because I'm the Queen Regent.  I'll see you at holidays, though." Lisa said sweetly, kissing Mike on the lips as well.  Mike felt his face heating up and he looked away to avoid having Lisa see him blushing.

"Ha!! Y-you're blushing!! You blushed!!" Lisa cried, laughing hysterically, now.  Mike blushed even more deeply, now.
"I am not!! I am not blushing!!" Mike protested.  Hearing Mike yelling like this made Lisa laugh even harder.

"Y-yes…  You are *gasp!!*" Lisa laughed, now doubled over with laughter.  Lisa was beautiful in the first place, but she was positively gorgeous when she laughed.  She could barely breathe, and she was beginning to feel lightheaded when Marcus, Elsa and Anna came into the room, and smiled at their children.

Elsa leaned over and whispered to Mike.
"Did you manage to confess your feelings to her?"
"Y-yes, mom…" Mike said, turning a light pink color.
"I'm proud of you.  Mind if I ask what she said?"

"I think the raucous laughter you just heard answers everything."
"Oh, she was just laughing because she didn't think you would blush when she kissed you.  It is uncharacteristically cute of you to blush.  Did she manage to break up with her boyfriend?"

"Oh, I didn't have to break up with Stein." Lisa said rather critically, making Mike feel slightly ashamed.
"Mike broke up with him for me.  Stein grabbed my arm.  The bruise is gone by now, but Mike heard him and came in, beat him over the head with a lead pipe, broke his arm with a palm strike to the elbow, lifted him up with one arm and threw him across the room before he threatened to castrate him, and sent him running with his tail between his legs."

"Wow.  That's…  Pretty impressive.  Did you really need to be so violent with him?" Elsa asked, slightly concerned.
"Nobody hurts my sister…  I'd have gladly killed him if Lisa hadn't asked me not to! But not before I tortured him and made him beg for mercy… Hehehehe!"

"We've really gotta work on those violent tendencies of yours, Mike." Anna said reproachfully.  Mike had to admit that for being 34 and 31 respectively, Elsa and Anna still looked 21 and 18.  It was like they hadn't aged a day in over 13 years.

"Hey Mom." Mike said quietly.  Elsa turned to Mike questioningly.
"You realize you haven't aged a day in like thirteen years, right? Dad on the other hand is looking like an old man.  Soon, it's just gonna look creepy having you standing next to him.  You look 21 and he looks like he's over 40 years old, because he is!"

"Mike!" Lisa complained.  Mike merely waved her off, though.
"Actually, he's right.  I have a little bit of the Lambent left.  I can try using it.  There's a chance that I'll lose my mind, but if it will let me be with you for as long as possible, I'm more than willing to try." Marcus said, taking the Lambent and putting it in a vaporizer.

"Vaporizing the substance and breathing it in, allowing it to be absorbed by my lungs is much more efficient."
"Are you sure that's a good idea, Marcus? I don't expect anything of you.  And Anna and I both were injected with the Lambent, we didn't inhale it.  Perhaps if it is too efficient, then you'll simply turn into a Locust."

"Mommy is right, Daddy.  The chances of you transforming are about 30% if you have it injected.  If you already have powers or are a carrier of powers, the odds are about 10% with the other 90% turning you into a carrier.  If on the other hand, you inhale it, the odds are 85% with the odds if you are a powers carrier being 50%.  That indicates that the odds are not in your favor, Daddy.  I'd advise you personally to inject it.  

"Here, allow me to assist you, Daddy." Lisa said, taking the tube and using her cryokinetic powers to lower the temperature until it turned into liquid again.  She then took a syringe from her pocket, took the cap off the needle and made her father sit down.

"If you transform, Father, I promise I'll kill you.  If you become a Locust, there is nobody who can control you.  Sorry, Mommy, but if this is what he wants, I'm willing to assist him."
"I know you are.  You've always been such a good girl.  I-I'm worried, though.  What did you say his chances of internalizing the Lambent?"

"Approximately 10% if he has powers or is a carrier of powers, and 10% if he doesn't.  I can't say whether he has powers.  I've never seen them, and I suspect that he also doesn't know."
"Well…  My grandmother on my father's side was always very mysterious.  I don't know much about her except that it was always frigid in her home."

"Well, she might have powers then.  But if it's skipped your father's generation, the odds that you have powers are pretty slim.  Your father's chances were about 50%, assuming your grandfather didn't have powers, meaning that you have about 25% chance assuming you were an only child.  There are a number of variables that can't all be accounted for."

"I'll take that risk." Marcus said unimpressedly.  He was a little worried, but he had to take this risk to be able to live with Elsa as long as possible.  If he could do that, he was willing to take any risk.

Lisa nodded and rolled up Marcus's sleeve, wiped off his arm with rubbing alcohol and injected the needle, causing Marcus to gasp slightly.  He hated needles, and he hadn't been ready to be injected.  In addition, the feeling of mutagenic Lambent coursing through his veins was agony.  

In moments, he was on the floor, writhing in pain, fighting back the feeling of being overwhelmed by a force he could neither see nor touch.  He also felt a frigid cold sensation coming over him.  He took a deep breath, though, and focused, and finally, the pain ended, and he stood up, testing his powers by lifting a table with one hand.  Fortunately, it worked.  

He dragged the table into the air and threw it up, and punched it, shattering the table into a million pieces.  At the same time, though, he turned half the room into a glacier.  Elsa giggled lightly at this, and used her own significantly greater powers to undo the ice and pick up the shards of table, which were all frozen and threw them into a trash bag, then called for a maid to take it out.

"Now, all shenanigans aside, I feel we should get to Marcus's grandmother's home in Ireland." Elsa said quietly and in a dignified manner.  Mike smirked and then laughed.
"Hm, I've never met a Leprechaun before.  Do you think if I stab one with my ice, Lucky Charms would explode everywhere?"
"Sweet Christ.  Just get in the helicopter." Marcus sighed.  The two kids went to the helicopter, climbed in, and got comfortable.
Frozen Gears II Chapter Three
Mike and Lisa are thirteen now, and Mike is Jonesing in a big way for Lisa.  Lisa's abusive boyfriend has to be taken care of, though, and Mike knows just how to do it.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
Chapter Two

"Listen, I know Lisa inherited all of your powers, Elsa, but I'm worried that she'll destroy the palace with her powers."
"That is why she meditates daily for half an hour."
"And what about Mike? He's totally out of control! He's five years old, and everyone in school is terrified of him! The principal is threatening to expel him if he does anything else!"

"Relax, Marcus.  I'll talk to Mike.  He'll listen to me, or he'll be grounded.  Lisa, she's a willful girl, but she's brilliant.  She's already in fifth grade when she's five years old.  Her teachers say she'll be ready for college by the time she's ten.  She's already read books that a number of them didn't see until college, and her talent with her powers is amazing.  Lisabeth?" Elsa asked politely, looking up at the nearest maid.  The maid stopped what she was doing and curtsied.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Lisabeth asked politely.  She was a young member of the staff, only seventeen at the oldest.  But she was good at what she did.  She could clean the palace in less than three hours.
"Please bring me Mike, if you would? He listens to you."

"Of course, Your Majesty."
"Don't call me 'Your Majesty', please.  Just Elsa is fine."
"Of course, Elsa…" Lisabeth said, curtsying and walking off to get Mike.

"Mike, you're getting in big trouble in school…  You need to be better behaved, like Lisa…"
"You always loved Lisa more!! She's so perfect and beautiful, and you spend all of your time with her! What do you care if I get expelled!? You never loved me!!"

"W-what? Of course I love you, Mike.  I'm your mother.  You and Lisa…  You and Lisa are just different.  You have different needs.  She needs intellectual stimulation…  You need physical exercise.  Your father and I train you for combat, but maybe it isn't enough?"

"It's plenty of exercise!! I just don't see the need to restrain my powers! I have powers that nobody else has! That means I should be able to rule them!! It's my birthright!!"
"Okay, Mike.  I'll make you a deal…" Elsa said with a grin that even scared Anna, who was in the room at the moment.

"If you can defeat my sister, your aunt, Anna, you can go wild and do whatever you want.  If she wins, you have to straighten up and fly right.  I can train you to use your powers with almost perfect efficiency.  Right now, you lack discipline.  But I have had twenty-six years to perfect my ice powers and five just to work on my Locust powers."

"Then I challenge you, Mother! I want to…"
"You wouldn't stand a chance against me, Mike." Elsa said, narrowing her eyes and stepping forward.  I'll prove it.  Come at me."

Mike ran at Elsa, making a heavy and dense ice bokken with his cryokinetic powers, and slicing at Elsa, who blocked it with her bare forearm, and locked eyes with Mike, paralyzing him with psychic hypnosis, her pale blue eyes flashing and shocking him.  

Elsa then commanded him in a sussurrating voice to stand and turn around.  Mike mindlessly obeyed and turned around.  As he did, he snapped out of his hypnosis.

"H-how did you do that!? You don't have mind control powers!" Mike demanded.

"No.  You didn't know I had mind control powers.  I prefer not to use them except for purposes of autohypnosis.  I go into a meditative trance by looking into a  mirror daily."
"That's all you do with your mind control! That's the lamest thing I've ever heard!! Don't you ever use your powers to enforce your will on others!?"

"Mike…" Elsa said quietly.  "I believe it's time I told you a story."
"I don't want to hear about Rapunzel or Snow White."
"Well, first of all, Rapunzel is real.  She and her husband are friends of ours.  Second of all, this isn't about Snow White.  You should really sit down.  It's time I told both of you the truth about your powers." Elsa said, taking Mike over to the table and sitting him down.

"Excuse me a moment, Mike, while I collect Lisa…" Elsa said, closing her eyes and breathing in.  For a second, Mike wasn't sure what she was doing.  But then, he heard Lisa coming down and sighed.  She had just used telepathy to contact Lisa.  He wasn't sure if she could do that with him as well, but it was pretty awesome.  A few moments later, Lisa came in and bowed politely to Elsa.

"Lisa, I've told you that you don't need to be so formal with me.  I'm your mother." Elsa protested.
Lisa blushed slightly and looked away, muttering something about not wanting to be disrespectful.  Lisa had always been the shy one of the family.  She was in school, but she never made a peep in class, hardly had any friends, and preferred to sit in the back where she didn't get noticed.  Nonetheless, she was getting top grades, and knew more than most of the teachers.

"Please sit down, Lisa.  I have something I need to tell both of you.  You're both five years old, now, so I feel it's appropriate to tell you the truth of your powers.  Much of it isn't a pretty story.  But it's vital for you to know.  Sit, Mike!" Elsa said, catching Mike's eye, and forcing him to sit.

"The story begins years ago, before Marcus and I even met.  Marcus was in a war with a group called Locusts.  They were mutated humans, mutated by a mutagenic substance called Lambent.  The Lambent turned the human miners into bizarre mutants called Locusts.  They were really more reptilian than insectile, but they possessed a hivemind psychology with the Queen, named Myrrah.  She had complete control over all of the Locusts, and they rebelled against Humanity and began a war that ended with Myrrah losing most if not all of her troops and fleeing the war to go to the Southern Isle, where she took over and created more Locusts with the Lambent that she had modified in order to make more powerful Locusts."

"Marcus came to me and explained the situation.  The reason that I have Locust powers is because I was infected with Lambent, but managed to overcome the psychological control that Lambent had on most Locusts, and became a carrier.  I suspect this is because I already had powers that combated the Locust powers.  I gained superstrength, speed and other Locust powers, but was not made a slave to the Queen.  That is also why Aunt Anna has Locust powers, because she mutated herself to assist in the war.  Overall it is a long story, but we won the war and destroyed the Locusts."

"So, you and Aunt Anna are mutants?" Mike asked bluntly.
"B-brother!! How c-can you say that about Mommy!?" Lisa protested.  Elsa laughed, though and nodded.
"Yes, I suppose we are mutants.  But then, so are you.  So is Anna.  But back to the story."

"My story really begins when I was born.  I was born with cryokinetic powers.  My parents believed that they were magical, but I believe that they were psychic in nature, referring to the source of the powers.  They originated from my own brain, rather than from magical energies."

"Anna knew that I had powers until she was about three years old, when she and I decided to turn one of the rooms in the palace into a glacier.  We made a snowman, had a snowball fight.  Anna started jumping from hill to hill, but she was moving faster than I could make new hills, and I tried to make a hill, but struck her in the head with a cryokinetic blast, which hurt her, and gave her severe hypothermia, and gave her her trademark white streak in her hair.  We took her to some trolls, who healed her and made her forget that I had powers.  After that, for almost two decades, I avoided her, staying in my room, and cutting myself off from the world.  Our parents died in a ship accident.  It sank and they didn't return."

"Shortly after, I had my coronation as the Queen of Arendelle.  Anna met a seemingly nice young man by the name of Prince Hans and they got engaged that night…"

"Wait! She got engaged to someone she just met? How stupid is Aunt Anna!" Mike demanded.  Lisa looked horrified at his rudeness.
"B-brother!! How can you say these things!?"

"Ha! Kristoff said the same thing…  Story for another time." Anna said cheerfully.

"Anyhow, Anna told me that she had gotten engaged, and I refused to bless their marriage.  She and I got into an argument, and I accidentally released my powers, and had to leave Arendelle…  Unfortunately, I doomed Arendelle to eternal winter as I ran, but I didn't know how to undo what I had done.  I was captured and imprisoned, and Hans's true colors came through.  He only wanted to marry Anna in order to kill her and then take the throne.  He was the youngest of thirteen brothers.  He had no chance to get the throne, so he tricked Anna into getting engaged, and he was going to marry her and then plan an accident for both of us.  Then I froze Arendelle, and set his plans ahead of schedule.  Anna would have been made queen.  But then I accidentally froze her heart, and she almost died.  Fortunately, I managed to undo what I had done before she did die.  And Hans was taken away and imprisoned."  

"I actually told the stories in the wrong order.  The second story I told happened first.  But it was essential for you to understand your Locust powers.  They will only grow as you get older, as mine did.  My cryokinetic powers grew until my 21st birthday when I froze Arendelle.  Shortly after I got back and everything was set right, Marcus came into my life.  It was sort of luck that brought us together.  And what can I say? We fell in love.  Anya thought it was crazy, a queen falling in love with a soldier."

"And I was unbelievably jealous.  But Elsa still makes time for me as well…"
"Eww…  You're banging your sister!" Mike shouted furiously.

"Oh, come on, Mike.  You knew what Mommy's relationship was with Auntie Anna.  I think it's sweet.  Two sisters so close with each other.  I wish you and I were closer, sometimes, Brother.  B-but you and your friends are so mean to me at school…  W-why can't you be nice t-to your own sister?!"
"Well, if you weren't such an insufferable nerd! Always rambling on about zero point energy and Newtonian Physics! Do you really think anyone, even your own goddamn teachers understand what the hell you're talking about!! 4x17 doesn't require a whole long explanation of how it could theoretically equal any number!! You get yourself picked on!!"

"I-I just want to find people I feel like I can belong with…  I-is that so wrong?" Lisa muttered, tears threatening to spill from her stunning, pale blue eyes.  Mike suddenly felt bad for picking on his sister all this time.  He took her arms and held them firmly in his hands, looking into her eyes, his mismatched eyes (one was bisected horizontally with blue on the bottom and teal on the top, and the other was a deep ocean blue)

"I'm sorry, Lisa.  I didn't know you were so hurt by what I said.  You never said anything, so I assumed you didn't have any strong feelings about it."
Lisa suddenly looked more confident than she had a moment ago.  She looked at Mike sternly and took his hand.

"Mike, I want you to see something.  I've always known that women, especially high class women are supposed to be reticent, shy and silent…  In addition, they're supposed to be less intelligent than their male counterpart, and if there is no specific male with whom they are paired, then they should simply assume that they should be less intelligent than any given male in whatever room they happen to be in.  I already violate that last rule.  I'm more intelligent than any male I have ever met, and I know more than any of them put together.  That being said, I beat myself down until I could be shy, reticent and silent.  But that's hard to do when I have so much to say."

"I decided that every time I felt like hurting someone, or yelling at someone for being mean to me, I would make a string doll.  I would like to show you my string doll collection.  Mommy, may I please be excused with my brother?" Lisa asked, bowing politely.  Elsa nodded, and Lisa took Mike's hand firmly and led him to her room, where she opened a secret compartment that required a complex ritual to open.  

Mike could only assume that she deliberately made it a series of tasks that nobody would think to perform in that order so that nobody could see her stash.  When she finished, the shelf came up.  It was a tall shelf and a deep one that had hundreds, if not thousands of string dolls collected on it.  Mike wasn't even sure how she got that much string to make the dolls.  She then did another series of actions and opened a huge drawer in one of the shelves, which opened with a pressurized hiss, revealing hundreds more dolls.

"I apologize for the melodramatic appearance, Brother.  These dolls…  All of them in this drawer were inspired by you, Mike.  Mike, I love you…  Y-you're my brother.  B-but sometimes you just make me so angry and so hurt th-that I don't even want to look at you.  You insult me, you humiliate me in front of our entire school! You belittle my intelligence and my interests   A brother is supposed to protect his sister! But you…  You only protect your pathetic image as a horrible person and as a bully and a tyrant!! People at school don't respect you! They can't stand you! Your peers are afraid of you, and your teachers are all disgusted by your deviant behavior! I bet you want to hit me, even now, don't you? I bet you want to make me shut up, stop me from talking about you like this!"

"No…  I-I want to apologize to you, and ask you how I can make up to you for so many years of abuse and bullying." Mike said, seeming truly repentant.  For over a year, Lisa could have used mind control to force Mike to be nice to her.  She could have turned him into her servant.  But she never wanted to humiliate him or behave in such a manner.  That would have made her no better than him.

"I don't want your apology, Mike.  I want your promise.  I want your promise that you'll do the right thing and treat me better in the future.  I am not asking you to be my best friend.  I don't need you to be.  I can get friends for myself without having to extort you while you're on a guilt trip.  You don't even have to like me.  But please just stop acting like I'm just a target to be bullied."

"I-I promise."

"Thank you, Mike." Lisa said, kissing Mike on the cheek and then doing the same ritual in reverse to close the shelves and hide them back under the floor.  Lisa adjusted her wire rimmed glasses and looked deeply into Mike's eyes.

"I will hold you to your promise.  In the meantime, I can teach you to use your powers more efficiently than you currently are able.  You'll have to learn a bit of the physics that control and limit your powers.  I have been studying for a long time physics as they apply to phenomena that cannot be explained by mundane physics…  Occult Physics, if you will   However, you need to keep an open mind, and you need to listen.  You are very intelligent, but you use your intelligence for the wrong activities.  I will teach you strategy.  You will learn to play Chess, Go, and other games that require strategy.  That being said, I cannot teach you a great deal about practical application of strategy in combat.  I am not a strong combatant.  So if you would teach me actual fighting skills, I will teach you the rest.  Your problem is that you have the icy powers of our mother, but the fiery hotheadedness of our aunt.  Do you understand, Mike?"

"Y-yes.  I'm not sure how well I can learn physics.  But I already know a bit of Chess.  I've never heard of Go, but I'll try to learn."
"Good.  You're already on your way to learning what you need to know."

Admittedly, this is not in my own voice, but that of my OC, Erich Zann III


The ONLY Rule: The owner MUST answer these questions in character.

1.) What is your name?
Erich Zann III, at your service

2.) Do you know why you were named that?
I was named after my father, and he after his father.  Truth be told, I cannot stand either of them

3.) Are you single or taken?
I am married to my beloved Saki Yoshino-chan.

4.) Have any abilities or powers?
More than I care to mention, to be honest.  My primary abilities from when I was human was mind control, aura detection, telepathy, psychometry, and psychic empathy

5.) Stop being a Mary-Sue!
I apologize for my Mary-Sue-like tendencies, though I do not feel that I am personally a very likeable, or friendly person, so perhaps I am not as much of a Mary Sue as previously believed

6.) What's your eye color?
Heterochromatic, or rather, they are multiple colors.  One eye is bisected horizontally with green on the bottom and amber on the top, and the other is orange with red veins radiating from the iris.  I was born with violet eyes, though.  I changed my eye color dramatically to appear as different as I could from my former appearance, though.  It is frankly a long story

7.) How about hair color?

8.) Have you any family members?
I have many family members, but I consider my true family to be my friends, and perhaps my younger cousin, Lillian.

9.) Oh? How about pets?
None, sir.

10.) That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
Something I do not like? Does my grandfather count as a thing? If not, I have never been a fan of meat.

11.) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Many, though my best known activity is playing the violin, reading, and practicing new martial art styles.

12.) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Sadly, I suspect that I have hurt more people than I could possibly count in my regrettably long history.

13.) Ever...killed anyone before?
Again, sadly I have killed more people than I care to mention

14.) What kind of animal are you?
I would have to say a cat.

15.) Name your worst habits?
You do not wish to know my worst habit.  My second worst habit is that I am generally unappreciative of what I have and tend to take it for granted.

16.) Do you look up to anyone at all?
I look up to my beloved Saki-chan.

17.) Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
I am straight as an arrow.

18.) Do you go to school?

19.) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
I am already married

20.) Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
I used to have a fangirl in my younger cousin, though she has moved on to someone far more admirable and worthy of her respect

21.) What are you most afraid of?
Losing control of my curse

22.) Okay... What do you usually wear?
If I had my choice, I would always wear a suit and tie.  I feel that it is necessary to present oneself well.

23.) What's one food that tempts you?

24.) Am I annoying you?
You are not 

25.) Well, it's still not over!
That is okay.  I have all the time in the world.

26.) What class are you? Low class, middle class, high class?
I would classify myself as upper class, though I am often made fun of for that.

27.) How many friends do you have?
More than I could ever have deserved

28.) What are your thoughts on pie?
I, as a Vampire am not a big eater, though I confess that due to modifications of my Blood, I am capable of eating.  I simply prefer not to.

29.) Favorite drink?
Given my answer to the last question, I feel I need to say no more.

30.) What's your favourite place?
I would have to say at home, wherever that may be at any given moment.

31.) Are you interested in anyone~?
People are in general fascinating.  Their ability, indeed their willingness and even eagerness to betray each other at the drop of a hat has long held my interest.  Humans are such silly creatures.  They scurry about their short, pointless and meaningless existence as if there was nothing more important in the world than to get to their own destination.

I am able to skip rope, though I have never had much of a passion for it.

33.) Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
I would have to say neither.  But if forced to choose, I would say ocean.  It is more of a challenge.

34.) What's your type?
Type? I regret that I do not understand your question.

35.) Camping or indoors?
I would certainly have to say indoors.

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?
I have wanted this quiz to end since the first question, thank you very much.

39.) Well, it's over. Now tag some people!
That is a relief


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  Chapter Seven


"Hey, Mommy…  You wanted to see me?" Lisa asked in a disgruntled tone.  She knew what her mother wanted.  She had introduced Lisa to at least three other men by now.  One was handsome but not terribly bright.  One was irritatingly dense and the third was arrogant like nobody's business…  Apparently a prince from a neighboring kingdom called the Southern Isles.  He was apparently the son of someone named Günter.  The man was arrogant and unpleasant, though, so Lisa quickly dismissed him.


"I know what you want.  I'm happy with my life as it is right now…" Lisa said, adjusting her thick glasses, pushing them up her nose with her pinky finger, and yawning.  She had pulled another all nighter, and she hadn't taken a shower yet.  But she saw that Hiccup, Astrid and Valka were there along with a younger looking man with long black hair and a disinterested expression on his face.  He seemed to become slightly less disinterested when he saw Lisa, though.  He smiled unenthusiastically and yawned as well.


"Well, let's get this over with.  My name is Lisa Fenix…" Lisa said, curtsying politely.  "Might I ask your name?"

"My name is Stoick Haddock II…  I've been studying dragon physiology and genetics for a few years.  My parents wanted me to meet you sooner, but I refused to be disturbed in my research."


"Uh hunh…  So, how's the research going?" Lisa asked, feeling hopeful but also slightly suspicious that he may just be saying the kind of thing she wanted to hear.

"Well, I've been studying the organ that allows dragons to breathe fire, and the nature of the coating both internal and external that makes their insides immune to fire and their flesh resistant to fire.  I've been studying with my grandmother.  She's a brilliant researcher, but she's getting old, and needs to pass the baton.  I really shouldn't even be here today, and I'll tell you why.  Grandma and I just started studying the reason that dragons live so much longer than humans.  But Grandma, given her old age needs someone in the lab with her to make sure she doesn't get hurt.  My parents insisted, though.  How old is this girl? Fourteen?" Stoick asked disdainfully.  Lisa sneered at Stoick.


"For your information, Stoick, I'm eighteen! I just age slowly! It's…  A long story that would be better suited for a laboratory than the dinner table.  I didn't even want to eat tonight.  I tend to only need to eat once or twice a week, so eating too much is bad for me.  I gain weight."


"You? Gain weight? You're…  What? 5'3"?" Stoick asked.

"Yes.  I prefer to measure myself in centimeters, though.  It's more accurate."

"Okay.  And you're what? 105 pounds?"

"Precisely.  But again, I prefer to use metric."

"Whatever.  Point is, you aren't overweight.  You're barely breaking normal weight."


"Yes, but I ate just the other night with the family.  I experimented on myself with genetic modification to make my metabolism hyper-efficient.  I can go with one medium sized meal a week and be good to go.  I'm working on my brother's metabolism, but his tendency to work out more strenuously than I do means he still has to eat more.  He eats maybe once every other day.  Plus, I have to add in the fact that he's male and I'm female and his body is larger and requires more sustenance than mine does."


"Can we maybe have normal conversation at the dinner table?" Came a smooth voice from the corner.  Rapunzel and Eugene were sitting there, Rapunzel with her long blonde hair and Eugene with his perpetual smug smirk.  Lisa had studied Rapunzel years ago and discovered that though her hair had been cut, the magic had not been completely lost.  She went off the fact that her tears had managed to bring Eugene back to life even after he had been fatally stabbed by Mother Gothel. 


            So Lisa harvested Rapunzel's tears, as she correctly surmised that the power still existed inside Rapunzel, but just needed to be brought back out.  Eugene, or Flynn… However you wanted to call him… was okay with it, so Lisa did test after test, taking tear samples, blood samples, and finally found a drop of blood from right within her heart that contained enough of the rejuvenative energy to replicate and reapply to her hair, which turned it golden once more. 


            Now, Rapunzel didn't cut her hair anymore and it was getting very long again.  Already even after only two years, it was down past her waist.  In fact, it was almost down to her knees.  She kept it in a long braid.  But now, she was able to rejuvenate people again.  Lisa was working on developing a serum based on the magic within her hair.  Sure, it was kind of weird, but if she could make a potion that could cure any disease, rejuvenate people to a younger age, cure any wound, or any affliction, she could be the most celebrated scientist, and she was only eighteen. 


            She had already used the superscience to essentially increase the intelligence of her family.  She wasn't sure if it was right, what she was doing.  But science would continue to progress with or without her.  She might as well remain on the cutting edge.  She just needed to know when she was starting to do things for the wrong reasons.  Even if it was the right thing, if she was doing it for the wrong reason, then it was essentially the same as doing the wrong thing.


"Uncle Flynn, it's always lovely to see you, but if you can't follow what we're talking about, just stare at Auntie Rapunzel like you always do."

"Hey, if you were in my position, wouldn't you stare? She's still as gorgeous as the day I met her, and she captured me with her freakishly long hair and smacked me not once, not twice, but three times with a frying pan."

"I told you, Eugene! Th-that was because Mother Gothel filled my head with lies about what people were like!! Wait! Where is Anna?"

"I'm not sure, really.  She said she'd be home in time but she hasn't called.  I'm worried about her…" Elsa said quietly, rubbing her arms uncomfortably.



"Okay! I don't know how Rapunzel managed to charm an entire bar full of ruffians and thugs! But if she can do it, I can at least get them to not try to jump me…" Anna said optimistically, walking in through the bar door, and sitting down next to a greying and scruffy looking man taking a long drag on a cigarette and taking a long swig from a foul smelling beer.


"Hey…  D'you mind moving over a seat or two? What are you even doing here? The princess of an entire kingdom doesn't belong in some dive bar…"

"I'm sorry…  You seem to know me, but I don't think we've ever met…  Geez, this is embarrassing.  Usually my memory is better than this…"

"Maybe this will refresh your memory.  'Sorry, Kristoff.  But, I'm in love with my sister…"

"K-Kristoff!? Y-you look…  Different…  N-not a bad different, but…"


"Yeah, well, eighteen years of smoking and drinking'll do that to a man…  You on the other hand look like you haven't aged a day in eighteen years…  If you're gonna keep talking to me, at least buy me a drink…"

"I…  Think maybe you've had enough to drink, Krist…"

"I'll tell you when I've had enough to drink! I'm counting on this shit to kill me so I can…"

"Death is never the answer.  But sure, I'll buy you a drink if you'll promise to come back to the castle with me."


"Oh, finally decided you do want a man in your life?"

"No.  I'm still deeply in love with Elsa.  But I think I can help you.  My niece is brilliant at science, specifically genetics and physics, and I think she might be able to get you in a better way."

"What makes you think I want to be in a better way?" Kristoff growled angrily, looking dangerous in that moment.


"How about this.  I'll buy you all you can drink and pay off your undoubtedly monumental bar tab if you'll join me for dinner later."

"Fine.  I was just about to get booted out of this place if I didn't pay soon.  So that works for me." Kristoff said hostilely.  He didn't sound like he liked the idea, but he accepted it as the only way to get out of paying out of his own nonexistent pocket.


"Hey, barkeep! How much does he owe?" Anna asked politely.  The bartender looked at Kristoff and frowned.

"More'n he or you could pay, lady…"

"Just tell me what he owes.  I kind of owe him a lot, though not for the reasons you might think…"

"Whatever, lady.  It's you who'll be headed to the poorhouse.  Let's see… He owes 227.5 Krone.  Still want to pay that for him?"

"I have to.  Let's see…  20, 40, 60, 80…  Here .  230 Krone.  Just keep the change."

"Great…  Now I owe my dyke ex-fiancée…"

"Wait… You're the infamous ex-fiancée he's always going on about? That's impossible.  You'd have to be almost forty years old by now!
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